Day 6 Primal Challenge

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Had a pretty rough night last night and didn't sleep well at all so dh took me to the weekend Dr and I have Laryngitis, swollen glands and an upper respiratory infection, I've completely lost my voice, it's painful even to whisper which is the worst thing to do anyway. DH thinks it's mildly amusing that I don't get to talk because I'm such an extroverted talker so this not talking thing is frustrating!! I have antibiotics to take and anti inflammatories to help the throat loosen up and get my voice back so hopefully that will start to kick in soon.

On the other hand my appetite is soo good and I'm really hungry for all things primal, check out today's menu:

8am: Scrambled eggs and 3 strips of Bacon
10am: Decaf Vienna with Cream and 1 pc dark chocolate
1pm: 1 dozen Scallops cooked in butter with lemon, white wine, tarragon and cream with a little extra butter mmmmmmmmm, 2 pcs dark chocolate
7pm: Pork Belly w Crackling and gravy reduction, kumara skins and broccoli, 2 pcs dark chocolate

What an awesome day of food, bit too much chocolate but I'm due for that time of month soon and I do crave the dark chocolate a little more than usual :)
Still no exercise, think I will be be back in a few days tho, I don't want to do myself an injury while I'm sick. Went for a gentle walk at sunset which was so nice.

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  1. glad you're feeling better. you'll be talking soon! that menu sounds scrummy.


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