Day 21 Primal Challenge

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 21
10am 2 egg Omelet w cream, filled with 1/2 zucchini, Parmesan and 1 Tbsp Pesto, 2 pcs Green and Blacks 85% chocolate
6.30pm Almond crumbed chicken with Pesto on the side, Salad with carrot, cherry tomatoes, smoked cheese and Japanese Mayonnasie, fried kumara skins. 2 pcs Green and Blacks 85% chocolate
Week 3 weigh in 72.7kgs, at least there's no gain :)
I'm just in the process of writing a success story for Marks Daily Apple contest challenge.


  1. How do you think Green & Black compares with Lindt? I tend to prefer G & B, don't really know why. Which brand do you like better?

  2. im wondering if some of these fabulous primal cooks might start up their own resturant someday? "primal palace" "primal delights", ect ect. might just work :)

  3. Judith - I think that Green & Blacks is definately smoother but easier to eat more of it :( Lindt is still yummy but way more bitter.

    Rachel - My husband said I would make a good chef but the problem would then be, he would never get to eat it because I'd be so sick of it that I'd never cook at home LOL

  4. i just read your story on marks daily! wow, im postin' about you. its so helpful you talk about the relief from anxiety/depression, so many take drug after drug trying to find relief and just end up hopeless. my country is starting to look like a zombie movie. thanks for being open about your experiences :)

  5. I've just read your story on MDA too, well done Michelle for telling your story so openly and clearly. You are so right when you say it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Love the pics, you look so well and happy. Good job! You are a real Primal success story.

  6. Rachel - Yeah I hear ya, i guess for many people it seems like the only option is medication, I'm living proof that there is another option and without nasty side effects too.

    Judith - Thanks so much, and yes I was very open, there's no point telling a half truth story and I'm too honest :)

    YG - Oh it is!!


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