Days 14 & 15 Primal Challenge

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 14:
Fasted Breakfast, not hungry.
12.30pm Leftover roast pork with crackling from last night with gravy and apple
6pm Roasted Duck Breast
7pm 1 hr Upper Body Workout
Slept well but woke up with a sore throat!! WTF!

Week 2 weigh in 72.7kgs, that's down 0.8kgs so I'm really happy with that

Day 15:
Seriously I'm sick again, I have a cold now, this is sooo not my month, not fair at all :(
9am 2 poached eggs and 2 pcs bacon, decaf vienna
12pm Lemon, ginger honey drink to help soothe the throat
2.30pm Inside of a sausage roll with salad and salsa, decaf vienna and 2 pcs choc
4pm Throat lozenge
7pm Tempura chicken nuggets (but made with real chicken) with a satay sauce and salad.

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