Day 2 Primal Challenge

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So you wouldn’t believe it, last night after posting on my blog my throat started getting sore and bam now I’m sick with the flu. I feel bloody terrible, body aches, no appetite etc…
This has really thrown a spanner in the works for my challenge which frankly pisses me off, I hate being sick. Hopefully it won’t last long and then the real work can begin but for now I won’t be working out and my eating will be fairly sporadic. I will still post everyday though.

All I ate today was breakfast: 2 soft boiled eggs
The rest of the day was hot ginger drinks, no appetite and nauseous so no food for me.
I guess I will be using this time to fast until my hunger comes back.
No exercise either :(


  1. Bad luck. What rotten timing! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Glad to see you blogging and joining the challenge! Hang in there, hopefully it will just be one of those 24h bugs!

  3. you're just starting your challenge off with a cleansing fast. a few days or even a week off won't stop your resolve. take care of yourself!

  4. Get well soon! Rest and use the time to heal and not worry about the challenge!
    M x


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